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Prof. Vijayakhader has a strong record of contributions to women in fisheries through food technology research and education in India. Her contributions have been recognized recently. She was appointed by the Government of India National Mission on Education and the Ministry of Human Resources Development as the subject coordinator for ICT enabled Higher Education at National level on production of course-ware e-Content for postgraduate subjects especially for Food Technology by. Prof. Vijaykhader’s website:

She will also receive the 3rd Dr. Rajammal P.Devdas Memorial Award for her out standing scientific contributions in the area of Nutritional Sciences. She will deliver the Memorial Award Lecture during the 44th Annual National Conference of Nutrition Society of India (NSI) at Titupathi, Nov.16-17,2012.

We congratulate Prof Vijayakhader for her achievements and below highlight some of her publications that are relevant to women in fisheries.